Baywatch Is Back

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For ten years, audiences around the world watched as “The Hoff” saved lives, as Pamela Anderson ran the sandy beach lines of Los Angeles, watched “Hobie” grow from kid to young adult, and as lives were saved from the perilous ocean.

Baywatch, the American action drama series was the worlds versions of Beverly Hills 90210, only it was set at the beach. The show followed the lives of Los Angeles County Lifeguards and their work patrolling the shores intermixed with their  personal relationships. The dangers of beach life included many near drownings but also centred around earthquakes and shark attacks and everything …

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And The Award For Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media Goes To…

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Yesterday, the nominations for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards was released. As awards season approaches, the Grammy’s, which air on February 12th, 2017 will set the precedent for the best in music categories at the Oscars. Here, we take a look at some of the contender’s, the films from which they stem and winner predictions.


Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media:

Amy — (Various Artists)
Miles Ahead — Miles Davis & Various Artists)
Straight Outta Compton — (Various Artists)
Suicide Squad (Collector’s Edition) — (Various Artists)
Vinyl: The Essentials Season 1 — (Various Artists)

Best Guess? Amy. 
This British-born doc that follows the life …

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Happy Birthday Judd Apatow

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Eventually, the nerds and the geeks will have their day.
– Judd Apatow

From stand up comedian to one of America’s most revered director’s, producer’ and writers’ of comedic films, Judd Apatow is and has been a force to be reckoned with.
In honour of his birthday and bromance genre creator, here is a look at his life in film!


Born in Flushing, Queens, Apatow exposed himself to the world of comedy at an early age. After high school, he hosted a radio show and single handedly solicited interviews from power comics such as Steve Allen, Howard Stern, Harold Ramis, John Candy, Jerry Seinfeld …

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Christmas Office Party

Comedy, Holiday ‐ December 06, 2016
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“Party like your job depends on it”

From directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, who are best known for their comedies The Switch and Blades of Glory comes his latest film and just in time for the holiday.

Christmas Office Party stars Jennifer Aniston as “Carol,” the uptight and rigid CEO of a massive corporation. Her brother “Clay,” played by the ever-funny T.J. Miller couldn’t be any more different. Finally fed up with his partying ways and continuous underperformance,  Carol decides to the close down her brother’s branch just days before Christmas, not only to save face with the rest of …

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#FBF: Home Alone

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” This is my house, I have to defend it.”

26 years ago, Kevin McCallister became a household name.

Known for his dry wit and high octane antics, this kid – played by Macauley Culkin- created a new American holiday tradition- watching Home Alone 1 & 2 to kick off the season.

In 1990, writer John Hughes, who had previously worked with Culkin on Uncle Buck–  partnered up with director Chris Columbus for Home Alone. The story begins with two McCallister brothers and their perspective clans as they prepare for their Paris Christmas vacation. The families are large and more often …

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#TBT: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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Well folks, it’s happening- again. We survived Thanksgiving, fought our way through Black Friday and switched gears for Cyber Monday. It’s December 1st and the holiday countdown is officially on. With just a mere 25 days to go before children everywhere leave out milk and cookies and patiently await the pitter-patter of enchanted hooves on their roofs, here’s a classic to kick off the holiday spirit. And “it’s a beauty Clark.”
In 1989, the third installment of the John Hughes inspired National Lampoon’s films Christmas Vacation debuted. This American classic saw “The Griswold Family”  once again enduring antics that surely only …

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Ben Stiller

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From “Derek Zoolander” to “Ted” to “Greg Focker” to “Walter Mitty” and many before, in between and after, Ben Stiller has given the world some of the most memorable characters on film. In honour of his 51st birthday, here’s a list at some of his best works.


There’s Something About Mary
Directed by The Farrelly Brothers
Starring Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Jeffrey Tambor, Sarah Silverman

How could anyone forget this movie, or that famous hair “gel” scene? TSAM is the story of “Ted,” whose teenage infatuation with the popular and beautiful Mary remains strong years after high school graduation. Determined to  finally …

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26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards

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It’s happening, it’s officially happening! Oh tis the season! Oscar season!
Last night, the The Independent Filmmaker Project kicked off the race with the 26th Annual Gotham Awards in New York City and the media is a buzzin.’ From predictions to forerunners, the show hosted by Keegan-Michael Key set the precedent for what to expect at next years Oscars night. Here are the winners!

At the start of the season- post festival circuit-  Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight delighted audiences and critics in reviews, leading the way for film favourite. Jeff Nichols’ Loving, the emotionally grounded biopic of an interracial couple in …

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Silence: “Sometimes Silence is the Deadliest Sound”

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Religious persecution is not a thing solely of the past, but rather an ongoing battle fraught with historical relevance and present day strife.
Director Martin Scorsese has   taken on the challenge of depicting the historical drama Silence, based on the 1966 novel of the same name by Japanese author Shūsaku Endō. Adapted by screenwriter Jay Cocks -who is a regular Scorsese collaborator and best known for his work on Academy Award nominated scripts Gangs of New York and Age of Innocence- took to the page once more to create this stunning account.


The story follows two young Portuguese Jesuit priests …

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Manchester by the Sea

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Some things will never change. Some things will always be the same. Lean down your ear upon the earth and listen.

Thomas Wolfe

Kenneth Lonergan has a track record of success, even though his experience in film is limited when compared to other directors of a similar ilk. His first film You Can Count on Me debuted in 2000 and was an instant hit, garnering nominations from The Academy Awards and The Golden Globes in the Best Screenplay category. His second- Margaret – starring Anna Paquin and Mark Ruffalo was equally received by critics and fans of his artistically nuanced work. He made a name for …

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