#FBF- The Craft

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Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power. Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power…



This week, American presidential candidates Trump vs. Clinton sounded off during their third and final debate. Among the many memes, hashtags and topics of conversation that surfaced parley, social media has centred around one specific Trump-ism: Nasty Woman.
In the spirit of democracy during this here halloween season, here’s a look at 4 of the ‘nastiest women’ to be portrayed in 90’s cult super hit The Craft.


There’s nothing quite like …

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Halloween Countdown: Ouija: Origin of Evil

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This game ain’t no Jumanji.
Instead of evil from the nether worlds interactively taking over waking life, this Ouija board is trying to suck its’ players in, with no chance for escape.

This second installment to what is sure to become a supernatural franchise, is a prequel to 2014’s  Ouija, a film about the malevolent powers that be when unleashed from the board.

In this origin story, the film is set nearly 50 years prior in 1967’s Los Angeles. It centres around “Alice,” a widower (Elizabeth Reaser) and her two young daughters “Doris” and “Paulina” as they struggle to …

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Hacksaw Ridge

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Where there’s been war, there’s been film and since the beginning of motion picture recording, men forging into battle has been portrayed on screens in varying degrees.


More often than not- especially in the last 50 years- conflict themed films tend to focus on the brutality of war, the often gratuitous envisioning of hand to hand combat and the battles that remain long after the blood has been shed. Some of the 21st centuries strongest films centre around warfare, movies such as Platoon, All Quiet on the Western Front, Pearl Harbor, Apocalypse Now and more recently films like American Sniper …

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Hulu Holler: Addicted to Fresno

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Director Jamie Babbit isn’t new to Hollywood but her name has been popping up lately, a lot.
Currently in preproduction for the new Netflix series Girlboss, Babbit has leant her directorial eye to shows such as HBO’s new comedic drama Divorce, Silicon Valley, Girls, Supergirl and The Grindr.

Although there are many, there are two specifics that can be attributed to her work: her films (and in turn episodic’s) are thematically female centric and she will often reuse actors in other pieces. For actresses Natasha Lyonne and Judy Greer, this is quite a blessing. Babbit first worked with Lyonne on the quirky cult …

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The Oscar race is officially on and has been since the Telluride and Toronto film festivals.

This year has delivered a slew of heavy hitters that are making the competition this upcoming season pretty stiff. Of all the films released that are non official contenders but have the legs and accolades to be so, director Barry Jenkins film Moonlight is definitely now part of the array.

Based on the play by Tarell Alvin McCraney, Moonlight is a poignant and harrowingly perceptive look at a young African American mans life as he struggles to find himself over …

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Live Action Renaissance- Animation Reboot

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What do you get when you put a genie lamp, a tropical fish, a lion and a few mean ladies together? Four of the 17 Disney animated films that are rumoured to become live action features…


Disney has been entertaining the world with animation since the release of their first film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. As of now in 2016, they have 55 animated movies, and that doesn’t account for their subsidiary Pixar Animation Studios which creates their own slew of kid-friendly content.



There are talks of director Guy Ritchie bringing Aladdin to life, the story about a street …

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Lights Out

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Lights Out, or what would be more aptly titled “Keep The Lights On!” is a scary film. It is smart, well-crafted and simple in story which is perhaps why the theme is so compelling.


Set in present day in a Californian suburb, an estranged family is brought back together after a death. For reasons of her own “Becca” left home at an early age only to be reeled back into memories of her nightmarish upbringing which are now being reflected in her young stepbrother “Martin.” Informed by a social worker from his school, Becca and Martin are reunited after their depressive mother becomes …

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Get Out

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Jordan Peele (of Key and Peele) is best known for his comedy chops which is why audiences might be surprised by his latest trailer for his debut film Get Out of which he both wrote and directed.
This film seems to be a far departure from his usual work- which is great- and now a year after their series ended which he previously wrote and starred in with Keegan- Michael Key, it seems that the latter of the two is ready to make some changes.

Get Out is both a psychological thriller and a social commentary on the dire state …

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