Ms. & Mr. Oscar: The Women of the Academy Awards

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For all aspiring movie-makers, both those behind the camera and in front, there is most often one singular goal for these creative doers- an Academy Award.
What better way to be celebrated than by this time-honored tradition?
And while just a nomination is a privilege unto itself, the actual award, that glimmering, shining, golden statue is something to behold. For some, that opportunity never comes, but for others, it is more commonplace that not. And that’s not saying that these talents are taking advantage of or dismissing their track record for success, but rather they’re playing the odds (with better odds) just …

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2017 Screen Actor Guild Awards

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Last night, the 23rd annual SAG awards aired live to audiences everywhere, honouring the work and talent of Hollywood’s actors and actors, their greatest cinematic achievements to date and of their many goals to come. It was a high energy event, politically charged and moving; the focus remained heavily on the importance of art and how the worlds’ varying communities influence the films that we make. Never before has art imitates life and vis a vis been so profound or necessary.
Congratulations to all of the winners, to the nominees and to those who continue to live and breath this art!

Outstanding …

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My Cousin Rachel

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This isn’t the first film adaptation of novelist Daphne Du Maurier’s book My Cousin Rachel, but it definitely looks like the most interesting of them all to date.
Earlier this week, the trailer for the latest version of the film dropped, showing snippets of the sexy yet sinister happenings around the mysterious death of “Ambrose Ashley.”

“Philip” has been under the care of Ambrose since he was orphaned at 7 years old and while their relationship remained close as they both grew in age, distance put a strain on them. Although a young adult, Philip struggles with Ambrose’s decision to …

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A Dog’s Purpose

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Do you believe in reincarnation?
It’s a hefty thing to wrap a mind around but there is some solace in knowing that once we’re gone, there’s an option to return. That is the premise of A Dog’s Purpose, an American comedy-drama based on W. Bruce Cameron’s 2010 of the same novel. Director Lasse Hallstrom (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, My Life as a Dog, Cider House Rules and Chocolat) has recruited a solid cast of both canine and human talent to bring this adorably heart warming story to life.

The story begins with a feral pup living in a …

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The Space Between Us

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Oh young love.
Teenage love is a rite of passage and under the most common of circumstances can be an overwhelmingly terrifying yet electric experience. But imagine you live in near isolation, with human contact limited to the 14 people that you’ve known your whole life. And imagine that this coming of age occurrence is born out of a life on Mars…


That is the premise-the beginnings- of director Peter Chelsom’s (Hector and the Search of Happiness, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Serendipity and Shall We Dance) The Space Between Us, an interplanetary young adult romance film.

“Gardner Elliot” is …

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89th Annual Academy Award Nominations

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Social media is a buzz right now!
The Academy of Motion Arts and Picture Sciences has released the official list of nominees for the upcoming Oscars. It’s so exciting!
Imagine flying across the country and turning your phone on in some foreign land to be told this news, as was the case with Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins or posting an adorable GIF of yourself celebrating the nomination like this, the way that Meryl Streep did for her work on Florence Foster Jenkins. Even after 20 nominations, the feelings of love, appreciation and excitement are still there. And we’re rooting for you too, all of …

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This past weekend, the all female directed horror anthology XX premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
With mass US theatrical and on demand release slated for February 17th, 2017, the world may not be ready for the terrifyingly tantalizing cinematic morbidity from directors  Roxanne Benjamin, Annie Clark, Karyn Katsama and Jovanka Vuckovic.
Told in four standalone short films, XX is based on animator Sofia Carrillo’s horror- themed tableaux’s. Each director presents her own haunting voice in each segment. They are as follows:
The Box by Jovanka Vuckovic, former editor at  Rue Morgue magazine.

Birthday Party by Annie Clark, who is …

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Power Rangers

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In 1993 The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the live action superhero show about 5 teenagers who are chosen to save the world from an alien witch seeking to destroy and take over the world, debuted on afternoon television
Surprisingly, this show was a super hit and the beginning of a 23 year franchise.
This March, the brand has been re envisioned by its original makers, Saban Films in conjunction with Lionsgate for the new and improved Power Rangers film.

An origin story of sorts, the films centres around five teen delinquents who meet in detention hall. Unlikely friends outside of their deviant ways, …

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Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.


In the year 2029, mutant hero “Wolverine’s” once attuned skill and talent for the fight have now dissipated with age. The realization comes when “Logan,” as he’s humanly known, begins to recognize that his regenerative capabilities are slowing, making recovery much more difficult and pronounced; when once he was able to heal quickly, essentially producing a new layer of skin, now he takes longer, with wounds leaving scar tissue and deep lacerations. This awareness of the anthropomorphic shift in his body hardens him, emotionally …

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Sundance Film Festival 2017

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Filmmakers, actors, producers, production and distribution companies are flocking from all over the world to Park City, Utah for the 39th Annual Sundance Film Festival.
This ten-day event beginning tomorrow, January 19th, 2017 will showcase the work of over 180 films of various genres and formats from both the United States and internationally. As is common with previous years, this festival will be theme-focused, concentrating on the areas of environmental awareness.

The festival began in 1978 as the Utah/US Film Festival, the product of actor Robert Redford’s idea to showcase American independent films. At the inaugural fest, films included both new …

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