Power Rangers

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In 1993 The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the live action superhero show about 5 teenagers who are chosen to save the world from an alien witch seeking to destroy and take over the world, debuted on afternoon television
Surprisingly, this show was a super hit and the beginning of a 23 year franchise.
This March, the brand has been re envisioned by its original makers, Saban Films in conjunction with Lionsgate for the new and improved Power Rangers film.

An origin story of sorts, the films centres around five teen delinquents who meet in detention hall. Unlikely friends outside of their deviant ways, …

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Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.


In the year 2029, mutant hero “Wolverine’s” once attuned skill and talent for the fight have now dissipated with age. The realization comes when “Logan,” as he’s humanly known, begins to recognize that his regenerative capabilities are slowing, making recovery much more difficult and pronounced; when once he was able to heal quickly, essentially producing a new layer of skin, now he takes longer, with wounds leaving scar tissue and deep lacerations. This awareness of the anthropomorphic shift in his body hardens him, emotionally …

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Sundance Film Festival 2017

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Filmmakers, actors, producers, production and distribution companies are flocking from all over the world to Park City, Utah for the 39th Annual Sundance Film Festival.
This ten-day event beginning tomorrow, January 19th, 2017 will showcase the work of over 180 films of various genres and formats from both the United States and internationally. As is common with previous years, this festival will be theme-focused, concentrating on the areas of environmental awareness.

The festival began in 1978 as the Utah/US Film Festival, the product of actor Robert Redford’s idea to showcase American independent films. At the inaugural fest, films included both new …

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Happy Birthday Betty White

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Betty White is 95 years young today!
Once credited as the honorary Mayor of Hollywood for her work both in front and and behind the cameras, Betty White is a pioneer in both her field and for her committed representation of women in film and television. Amongst actress, Ms. White can also add animal rights activist, author, radio host, singer, and television personality. And it should also be mentioned that she is hilarious.
In her career of over 75 years, she has seven been awarded 7 Emmy awards, 3 American Comedy Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild awards, and a Grammy. She is beloved by many …

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Martin Luther King Jr.: Selma

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Today is the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.’s, the iconic Baptist minister and revolutionary leader of the American Civil Rights movement. Lauded for his methods of non-violent protests and his eloquence and passion for actionable words, Dr. King will forever be remembered as one of the most beloved influencers of the 20th century.
We celebrate his legacy today during an era of ongoing racial tensions that have been relevant since the birth of America but have taken on a …

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Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th is a day for the superstitious, the God-fearing people of the world, historians who have spent their lives unfurling the origins of the day, and for horror movie fans.
There have been various accounts of how this unlucky day was born, stemming from the Middle Ages and biblical interpretations but for the modern world, many associate paraskavedekatriaphobia,the scientific name given to the fear of the day, with the massive film and television franchise known as Friday the 13th.

Born out of the mind of writer Victor Miller in collaboration with director Sean S. Cunningham, these films are all centered …

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Who Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson?

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Whether a supporter of his surprising Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Drama or an opposer of this relatively “new to the scene’s” trophy upset, people are definitely (now) talking about Aaron Taylor Johnson. At 26, this young talent has 20 film and 14 TV credits to his name; he’s been slowly rising from below the radar and now he might have officially landed.
Lauded for his work in Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals as the murderous and off-kilter “Ray Marcus,” Taylor-Johnson’s richly grounded and evocative performance saw him beating out heavy-hitters in his category like Mahershala Ali for …

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage

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In 2002, “Xander Cage” was born. A rebellious stuntman and extreme thrill-seeker by nature, this jacked up man with seemingly superhero strength, was recruited by the National Security Agency to infiltrate and take down  Russian rebel cell “Anarchy99” who have access to a biochemical weapon named “Silent Night.” Pulled into the force because an act of political protest put him on FBI radar, “X” as he’s known has little choice but to become a defender of the nation.

In the 2005 sequel, xXx: State of the Union, a new Triple X agent is brought to a case, with little known …

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A woman who’s read: “The Second Sex” will chew you up… And spit you out.

This line from director Paul Verhoeven’s film Elle pretty much sums up the experience of it’s lead character “Michele.” Instead of becoming victim to her life, one fraught with violence and abuse, she uses the strength of her sex to outplay those that have affected her the most.

From an early age, Michele’s notion of a healthy relationship is skewed, having to deal with her contentious mother and imprisoned, serial killer father. What triggers her aggression towards men occurs after she is violently …

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74th Annual Golden Globe Winners

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been the leading force behind all things film and television for 73 years. This non-profit organization is committed to sharing information on a global scale, working with entertainment journalists from all over the world. The Golden Globe Awards recognize the actors, writers, directors, composers and teams of media makers that make this organization possible. Last night, we saw their work at hand during the televised 74th Annual Golden Globes Award show.
Here is a list of winners in all film categories.


Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy
Best Performance by an …

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